Daisy currently serves as the head of Avalon SpineCare(HK) and its affiliated entity in Shenzhen. She was instrumental in structuring the product portfolio of the group’s two orthopaedic-focused units through identifying the need and market gap for at-home spinal care.

In her previous role as co-founder of a Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCC) company in mainland China, Daisy oversaw all aspects of its operation, including market evaluation, product design, R&D, manufacturing, quality assurance, quality control, supply chain management, marketing, and sales.

Daisy holds a B.Man in Marketing and a MEc with a two-year China National Scholarship. One of her projects was funding awarded by the National Social Science Fund of China. Currently, Daisy is also engaged in two projects supported by The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and another one supported by the Research Foundation from the Ministry of Education of China. After obtaining her master’s degree, she served as an economic consultant for several bodies in the Shenzhen government.