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Thanks to the unprecedented and exuberant growth in new healthcare solutions over the past decade, not only are people now living longer and healthier lives, but they also recover better and faster from diseases. The availability of new funding options has been a key contributor to these revolutionary developments in the medical technology industry. 

Avalon Biomedical offers a diversified medical technology startup portfolio that allows investors to participate in early stages. The research teams of these projects work on a wide range of solutions from state-of-the-art infection control robotics to ground-breaking cancer treatment. Based in Hong Kong, we are also well-positioned to tap the enormous commercial potential of the Greater Bay Area. 

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Every good technology idea needs the right commercial collaborators to blossom into world-changing innovation. Biomedical startups today face many of the same problems as other startups do when it comes to product validation, marketing and funding to grow their businesses.

From its home base Hong Kong, Avalon provides advice, direction, resources and funding required for new medical and biotech startups to realize their visions. With an experienced management team, we help entrepreneurs connect with investors and venture capital, accelerate prototype development and launch their products. 

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No business can achieve its goals without investing in people. We can only help our partners realize their visions when we have a team that want to grow with us both professionally and personally.

By joining us, you become a part of the revolution in biomedical technology that’s only just beginning. When you take on projects at Avalon, not only will you grow professionally, but you are also helping to build a better future for the world. Your skills and passion will contribute to making people live longer, happier and healthier.

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