Hong Kong, 05 October 2020 – Since the announcement of automated multiplex diagnostic system (“The System”), a collaboration between Emerging Viral Diagnostics (“EVDL”), subsidiary of Avalon BioMedical Management (“Avalon Group”), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“PolyU”) and The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”) continues to be a hot topic in town.

On 11 February 2020, PolyU announced the development of the world’s most comprehensive automated multiplex diagnostic system which includes a fully automated machine and a multiplex full-screening panel for the point-of-care genetic testing (“POCT”) of respiratory infectious disease including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Half year passed by, The System continues to receive positive feedback from medical experts and different market sectors. As a forward-thinking company, Avalon Group is proud to be part of this pioneer project, as well as to advocate and raise public awareness on the needs of rapid diagnostics.

(Screenshot from a video by StartupBeat, Hong Kong Economic Journal)
(Screenshot from i-Cable News)
(Screenshot from i-Cable News)

Learn more about our project:

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About Emerging Viral Diagnostics

Emerging Viral Diagnostics (“EVDL”) is formed by a group of experienced scientists, biochemists and engineers having the same vision in giving solutions to unmet medical needs. With a unique integration of the expertise of our multidisciplinary professionals, we are able to transfer our knowledge to innovative yet practical diagnostic solutions to the community. As part of the Avalon Group, a Hong Kong homegrown biomedical group founded in 2013, we aspire to become a worldwide leader in public health infrastructure and protection.