[Hong Kong, April 18, 2024] – Emerging Viral Diagnostics (HK) Limited (EVDL) is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded with “2023 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Manufacturing, Industrial and Systems Division (HKIE MIS) – New Industrialization Gold Award”. This prestigious recognition is a testimony to the outstanding achievements of EVDL in engineering and recognizes our innovative Avalon Automated Multiplex System (AAMST) as a successful example of driving new industrialization in the biotechnology sector in Hong Kong.

Founded in 2015, EVDL has successfully integrated biotechnology and engineering expertise through collaborative teamwork in developing the innovative and user-friendly AAMST. By utilizing sophisticated microfluidic technology, this cutting-edge system can simultaneously detect over 40 pathogens, covering viruses, bacteria, and fungi, in around one and a half hours. The system is cost-effective and comes with customizable reagent kits to meet market demands, thereby addressing the long unmet medical needs.

EVDL has achieved new industrialization by establishing three production facilities in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. This has allowed the successful transformation of its excellent research outcome into commercial products, providing the medical industry with an accurate, rapid, and cost-effective diagnostic system. The establishment of high-end, high value-added molecular diagnostic production lines not only contributes to the development of the biotechnology industry and brings economic returns but also serves as a strategic medical reserve, preparing for potential outbreaks in the future.

Professor Johnson Lau, our respected founder of the Avalon Group, expressed his accolade in the team’s achievements, stating, “Behind this honor is a group of dedicated engineers and researchers who have worked tirelessly and focused on solving research and development challenges. We are proud of our team’s accomplishments.” He also called upon the industry to continue working together to provide innovative solutions for the Greater China region, driving the development and prosperity of the industry.

EVDL is honored to receive this Gold Award and expresses sincere gratitude to The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. The company will continue to strive for more engineering innovations and promote the development of new industrialization in the biotechnology field. The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers congratulates the company and looks forward to our continued excellence and contributions to the industry with more technological breakthrough.

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Professor Johnson Lau, Founder of Avalon Group, delivered a thank you and acceptance speech for the Gold Award won by EVDL, a subsidiary of the group.
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2023 The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Manufacturing, Industrial and Systems Division (HKIE MIS) – New Industrialization Gold Award

Emerging Viral Diagnostics (HK) Limited (EVDL)

EVDL is a Hong Kong homegrown MedTech company formed by medical doctors, experienced scientists, and professional engineers who share the same vision and passion in providing solutions to unmet medical needs. With a unique integration of expertise ranging from scientific research to manufacturing and commercialisation, we transform knowledge into innovative, yet practical diagnostic solutions for the community. Our innovative technology, the Avalon Automated Multiplex System, is a fully automated, highly multiplexed, all-in-one point-of-care diagnostics system that spearheads the diagnostic industry through innovations in biochemistry, engineering, and production. As part of the Avalon Biomedical (Management) Limited, a local biotechnology incubator, we aspire to become a world leader in the diagnostic industry and to push Diagnosis beyond Boundaries!

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The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE)

The HKIE was initially founded in Hong Kong in 1947 as The Engineering Society of Hong Kong to promote the professional standing, interests, and technical standards of local engineers across a broad spectrum of engineering specialisations.  Ever since, the Society had been advancing its members’ professional and social involvement as it flourished.  It was then incorporated in 1975 as the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers under the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Ordinance, Chapter 1105 of the Laws of Hong Kong—as the city itself went through decades of phenomenal growth in areas of infrastructure, industrial and social development with engineers playing their pivotal roles during such process. The engineering professionals of Hong Kong have been evolving with the time as the HKIE continues to assert its driving force. Responding to and foreseeing technological advancements in a myriad of engineering disciplines, new Divisions have been – and will be – established by the HKIE to cater to the needs of members and society.  Now, the HKIE proudly boasts in total 22 highly professional and specialised Disciplines and 19 Divisions to serve its members and the community.